If you use Ridgehill Woods please complete this short survey.
If you use Friars Gorse/Mount Pleasant Covert/Bluebell Woods, please complete this short survey.

Deadline Friday 3rd December 2021

Complete both the second round of modification evidence forms. The map form should show the routes you have used throughout the woods. In addition to illustrating the map, signing and dating it and a statement, explaining (if this is the case) that you have had free and uninterrupted access throughout any area and not just the main tracks, over the past twenty year period, may make the difference in the allocation of the right of way classification. For example, if people have only ever used the main tracks, then these could be potentially fenced off. Forms can be downloaded from the ‘Files’ section in the Facebook Group, from the local community centres or can be requested from friendsofridgehillwoods@gmail.com. Forms to be returned to the boxes at the local community centres by Date TBC. Any late entry evidence forms for Ridgehill Woods can also be obtained from the same email address.

Email or write to your local Cllrs and MPs highlighting your concerns over the Call to Site for both authorities. Ask for their support. Be prepared for a standard response, but don’t forget, they work for you.