Please send your responses to Staffordshire County Council by 5PM, tomorrow, Thursday 12th December. Let your family, friends, workmates and neighbours know – each member of a household can submit a response, as long as they are individual responses. Make sure you get an acknowledgement from SCC.

3 thoughts on “Less than 24 hours left to respond!

  1. Schools and Doctors already over crowded. Public services stretched and we need to save our environments for global issues. Learning walks with kids are few and far between keep our green belt.


  2. I totally object to these houses being built wordsley can’t take anymore traffic . The traffic is past the lawns wood pub as early as half 7 in the morning the thought of over 2000 more cars is abosulutet disgraceful , the schools and doctors are at the maximum capacity and would make wordsley village gridlock as well as the A449 which is busy already green land should not be built on leave it as green land so people can enjoy our countryside


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