It appears that some of the fields containing Public Rights of Way have been ploughed. The law states:

Field-edge and cross-field public rights of way
You must not cultivate (eg plough) footpaths or bridleways that follow a field edge. The minimum width you need to keep undisturbed is:
1.5 metres for a field edge footpath
3 metres for a field edge bridleway.

You should avoid cultivating a cross-field footpath or bridleway. If you have to cultivate make sure the footpath or bridleway:
remains apparent on the ground to at least the minimum width of 1 metre for a footpath or 2 metres for a bridleway, and is not obstructed by crops
is restored to at least the minimum width so that it’s reasonably convenient to use within:
14 days of first being cultivated for that crop
24 hours of any subsequent cultivation, unless a longer period has been agreed in advance in writing by the highway authority.

We have photos which show this has not been the case (see photos). If you encounter this, please report, with photos if possible to

For further information see:


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