Dear all, there have been some beautiful photos recently of the Flora and Fauna of the woods and surrounding Green Belt.
Please email any reports of flora and fauna to to add to their records for the area. You can also use their website which has extra information. This could be important in any possible planning applications. Don’t assume someone has already done it!
Whilst on this matter, the admin have had a wonderful publication shared with them called ‘Eight Miles from Eiddwen’. This publication was created over eight years, recording the flora and fauna of eight, local, woodlands by a group of local volunteers, including a former SSCC Tree Warden. They organise therapeutic local walks, each Monday afternoon and are called the ‘Woodland Walkers’. This is based on the Japanese concept of Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing)!
If anyone would like a copy of this publication, then for the cost of production (£7) I can put you in touch with the author. Likewise, if anyone is interested in joining this group, let me know and I can forward. The organiser is not on Facebook, but I do have his email. It was tremendously kind of them to share their well researched information for our cause. You can email us on

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